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Lake Oconee is a beautiful lake that adjoins its sibling Lake Sinclair through Wallace Dam. Similar to Lake Sinclair, Lake Oconee is fed by a multitude of streams and creeks as well as the Oconee and Apalachee Rivers. Its waters are used to generate electricity as well as providing a vast area for water recreation and fishing.

Another of the Georgia Power chain of lakes, Lake Oconee is home to many shoreline and subdivision residents and has other attractions such as dining, retail and business establishments near its shores. There are a variety of golf courses and amenities available to make Lake Oconee a destination not to be missed.

There are several public lake access areas such as Old Salem, Lawrence Shoals, and Park's Ferry. Each facility has day-use picnic areas, playgrounds, boat ramps and beaches. Boat launching and other access is provided.

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Lake Oconee is located on the Oconee River in middle Georgia and Flows through the following counties: Morgan, Putnam, Hancock, and Greene.


Lake Oconee was established in 1979 with the development of Wallace dam, for the purpose of generating electricity for Georgia Power, who owns and maintains the lake.


Lake Oconee is the second largest lake in Georgia with over 19,000 surface acres. The lake has over 370 miles of shoreline and reaches a maximum depth of 100 feet. Essentially the lake is long and narrow, barely reaching a mile wide at its widest point. It is supplied by the Oconee River, Apalachee River and Richland Creek.


The dams are approximately 105 feet high and 3,000 feet long


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